L’Atelier de Sonia

L’Atelier de Sonia

Throughout her entire life, Sonia has constantly nourished two twin passions: graphic design and decorative arts. For the last 20 years, some of the largest Parisian branding agencies have harnessed Sonia's imagination for creating, rebranding and rejuvenating the visual identities of some of the most iconic brands.

Nevertheless, where we meet Sonia's artistic potential at its fullest splendor is at 3 rue Serret, Crécy-la-Chapelle. Her workshop is a temple of fabrics, tissues, papers, metals, wood. It's a place where regular materials are endowed with soul, where tangible matter starts vibrating at the highest end of the emotions' spectrum.

Intimate and universal at the same time, her world is an invitation to a journey inspired by the Silk Road. A journey towards the unknown inner territories. This crosses luxuriant forests painted on wallpapers, birds with heavenly blue feathers and sumptuous patterns imprinted on silk or velvet.

While searching for the perfect harmony and vibration, Sonia remains modest and subtle. And this is exactly what builds the connection between the artist, her creations and her spectators, enabling them to resonate together through the act of creation.

Our photographic mission was to reveal the spirit and the values underlying Sonia’s brand universe.

External link: Sonia Daubry's Website

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