Meet the makers

This newborn section features a collection of interviews and talks with independent creators from all over the world: ceramicists, perfume creators, jewelers, watchmakers, blacksmiths, interior designers and many others. Little by little, we hope it will become a source of inspiration for all the folks who wish to take the road of independence.


Carlos Huber, the smell and shape of Time

Interview Carlos Huber, creator of the Arquiste perfume brand
January 2019, Paris/ New York

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Aurore Thuault, the art of the hook

Interview with Aurore Thuault, contemporary artist specialized in embroidery.
December 2018, Paris

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Jul et Mad Paris, love against all odds

Interview with Mădălina Stoïca-Blanchard, co-founder of JUL ET MAD Paris
September 2018, Paris

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Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, the eminent nose

Interview with Marc-Antoine Corticchiato, perfumer and creator of the “Parfum d'Empire” independent perfume brand
June 2018, Paris

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Philippe Di Méo, dreamer and doer

Interview with Philippe Di Méo, designer and co-founder of the “Liquides Imaginaires” perfume brand
May 2018, Paris

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Justin Duance, more than gold

Interview with Justin Duance, independent contemporary jeweller
April 2018, Penzance/ Paris

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Satori, the essence of Japan

Interview with Satori Osawa, independent perfumer and creator of the “Parfum Satori” brand
March 2018, Tokyo/ Paris

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Alessandro Gualtieri, the dissident nose

Interview with Alessandro Gualtieri, independent nose, creator of Nasomatto and Orto Parisi brands.
January 2018, Amsterdam/ Paris

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Fanny Richard, instilling life into clay

Interview with Fanny Richard, independent ceramic artist and creator of Yfna brand.
December 2017, Pantin

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